Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism

Don’t Even Try to Pinkwash the War on Muslims!

There are no words that adequately express how sad and enraged we are by the mass shooting in Orlando this weekend. As queers we hold it all at once: grief for our dead, the memory of the state ignoring our dead and dying of HIV/AIDS, the way our tears will be used by the US government to justify the murder Muslim and Arab queers at home and abroad.

Almost as soon as the shooting stopped, the same politicians and media who have been attacking LGBTIQ rights framed the shooting as “Islamic Extremism” and “terrorism.” In many cases they refuse to use the word “gay” and choose to call it instead an attack on “Orlando,” or “America.” Attacks on LGBTQ people are and have been committed by homophobes of many religions. Before the killings at Pulse, the largest single mass murder of queers in the U.S. occurred by arson at a New Orleans gay club, the Upstairs Lounge, in 1973, where 32 people died. Daily, LGBTIQ people are beaten, raped, mutilated, and killed.

Most of the people killed and injured at Pulse were queers of color. Almost half of the dead, 23 people, were Puerto Rican, from a land under US colonial rule that grants the people of the island few rights and which has destroyed their economy while demanding massive loan payments.

Now the same politicians that would require a birth certificate to use a bathroom, are standing behind a pink curtain calling for exclusion of Muslim immigrants, surveillance of Muslim communities, and war and more war in the middle east. QUIT stands against this cynical use of queer death as a form of pinkwashing -- that is, using queer oppression as a front for racism, war, Israeli apartheid, or police violence. We are tired of the killings, and we are tired of vigils. Please join us in resisting militarism and policing by refusing to refer to this attack as "terror," and naming it for what it is – a hate crime against lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender people, intersex people, and queers.













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