Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism

Call Frameline Wednesday June 1

For the second year in a row, the San Francisco International Lesbian/Gay/Bi/Trans Film Festival has accepted Israeli sponsorship and money. This is unacceptable to queers who are committed to promoting human rights for all people, not just narrow civil rights for some queers. Several months ago, we forwarded to Frameline, the presenters of the Film Festival, an open letter from Palestinian queers for BDS asking international artists and activists to respect the cultural boycott of Israeli institutions. It is deeply offensive that an institution which claims to promote diversity and liberation for queer people would slap Palestinian queers in the face by accepting money from the Israeli government.

Palestinian Queers for BDS have called for a boycott of Frameline because they are crossing the international picket line against the Israeli government.  Note that the boycott does not target individual Israeli artists or filmmakers who are not representing the government or participating in "pinkwashing" of Israeli apartheid.


Please call Frameline any time on Wed June 1st and demand that they return the consulate's money and renounce their sponsorship. If you are or have been a member, please let them know that and say that you will not renew your membership and might consider boycotting the festival if they continue to partner with the Israeli government.

If you get a voicemail, leave a message. If you get a busy signal or no answer, send a fax (preferably) or email kcprice@frameline.org and jennifer@frameline.org (cc info@quitpalestine.org).  PLEASE DO NOT JUST EMAIL.  Emails are good but easily ignored.  Phone calls will force them to pay attention at a very busy time and let them know we are serious.

You can also FAX messages to them in addition to calling.

The Frameline phone number is: 415 703-8650. The FAX number is: 415 861 -1404.


Hi, I am calling because I heard that you have accepted the Israel Consulate's financial sponsorship of the festival this year. I am very upset about this especially because Palestinian Queers have specifically asked LGBTQ organizations and institutions NOT to partner with the Israel Government.

I am asking you to return the money this year and not accept Israeli sponsorship in the future. I was looking forward to attending the festival, but I will have to respect the call of Palestinian Queers for BDS to boycott the festival as long as you are sponsored by the Israeli consulate .

If you are a member, say you are a member. Say you will not renew and will not become a member and will not be attending movies until the money is returned.

For more info about the Frameline campaign, see www.quitpalestine.org. If Frameline does not return the money, we will be demonstrating at the Castro Theater on Friday, June 17 from 5:30-7:00 pm. Please join us and please help spread the word.

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