Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism


In 2013, despite calls by authors Alice Walker, Angela Y. Davis and Louise Rafkin, filmmakers Susan Stryker, Kim Klausner,  Barbara Hammer and Roya Rastegar, and dozens of other artists, activists and community members to honor the cultural boycott of Israel, Frameline again chose to show its support for Israeli apartheid.  In response, filmmakers Ryan Conrad and Xandra Ibarra withdrew films which had been accepted for screening, citing Israel's complicity with Israeli apartheid as the reason.  Ryan's article explaining his position received  excellent media attention.

In 2014, filmmakers Alexis Mitchell and L.A. Happy Hyder followed their example.  Mitchell's short film, "The Break," had been accepted for screening at the festival.  Hyder withdrew her film, "Once Upon a Time," from consideration, after Frameline Executive Director Frances Wallace refused to meet with Hyder and other Arab queers and allies to discuss the issue.

Wallace's response read in part:

"We use [Israeli consulate] support to bring international filmmakers to San Francisco so that these artists can present their works at our Festival and engage in a dialogue with the audience about their films, which are often thought provoking or even critical of their country of origin.

It is vital for Frameline to continue its long tradition of providing cross-cultural opportunities to LGBT works of cinema from all around the world, and we do not favor boycotts that negate this presentation of art or diminish this cultural dialogue.

Frameline's response represents the organization, and has been very carefully considered and discussed over many years now."

At least one other filmmaker notified Frameline that they were not submitting a full-length documentary due to its support for Israeli pinkwashing. Their previous work had been screened at Frameline.

Toronto-based director John Greyson, whose picture was featured on Frameline's website last summer when he was imprisoned by the Egyptian military government for two months, has announced that he is withdrawing his film, "Urinal," from Frameline distribution.  Frameline has distributed the film for 25 years.  Greyson joins Sonja deVries, who withdrew Gay Cuba several years ago.  (You can now rent it on Amazon for $1.99.)

John Greyson sent Frameline a video letter to informing them of his decision.  QUIT! projected the video, along with other images and information, onto the wall of the Castro Theater during the festival.

Read documents compiled by the San Francisco LGBT Alliance of the Jewish Community Federation regarding QUIT!'s campaign and the relationship between Frameline, the Israeli government and Zionist organizations.

One of the filmmakers Frameline brags about bringing to speak with Israeli blood money is Yariv Mozer, director of the pinkwashing film, "Invisible Men."  Find out what he really thinks about Palestinians.

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Last updated July 2012