Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism

Who We Are 

As queers, we are part of an international movement for human rights that encompasses the movement for Palestinian liberation, and all other liberation movements. Since 2000, QUIT! has been one of the San Francisco Bay Area's most active and consistent voices for boycott, divestment & sanctions against Israel.   More.

We are also part of a growing international queer movement to stop "pinkwashing" by the Israeli government and its supporters.  Pinkwashing is a part of the Brand Israel public relations campaign which attempts to hijack the queer movement to promote ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people.  We say no!

QUIT has regular bi-weekly meetings to discuss upcoming issues and plan actions. If you want to participate in these meetings, email us to find out when and where.

QUIT also maintains a listserve that sends out periodic updates and announcements of upcoming actions. Subscribe to our listserve.

QUIT! Actions and Events

We Blocked the Boat!
Zionism isnít welcome in our town! 

Israel's principal shipping company, Zim Line, is "on the ropes" thanks to a historic nationwide organizing effort that started at the Port of Oakland 

Frameline: NOW will you get out of bed with Israel?

For seven years, QUIT! and other queers have been pressuring Frameline San Francisco LGBT Film Festival, the largest queer cultural event in the world, to stop taking money and sponsorship from the Israeli consulate.  Frameline has consistently refused, despite calls from prominent queer artists and filmmakers and from the Palestinian queer community

Learn more about the campaign to get Frameline to stand on the right side of history.

QUIT! has been active in the movement for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel (BDS) since our inception in 2001. Learn about our creative BDS campaigns and how you can join. 

Why do Palestinian queers support BDS?  Find out

Recent QUIT! 


June 2014
Projecting Palestinian Liberation at Frameline Festival

Fall 2012
Tell Cliff's to Dump SodaStream

Jun. 2012
Queer activists mic check  film festival director

Feb.  2012
QUIT protests Batsheva Dance Company in San Francisco


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