Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism


  • QUIT! and other groups in the Bay Area are organizing to resist impending U.S. war and racist attacks.  Read the QUIT! statement on the September 11 tragedy.

    The Day the U.S. Goes to War Against Anyone
    Emergency Response Demonstration
    5:00 p.m., Powell & Market, San Francisco
    If the war starts in the evening, the protest will be 5:00 the next afternoon

    The Day After the Powell & Market protest
    Berkeley BART Alert, 5:00 p.m., Downtown Berkeley BART

  • Resist Racist Violence - Get Involved in Support for Middle Eastern, South Asian and Muslim Communities Under Attack. Join the Bay Area Protection Network. Call Leila, Eman or Sandra at Global Exchange, (415) 558-9486

  • QUIT! is now gathering signatures on an ad to run in the San Francisco Bay Times expressing the demand of the LGBT communities for justice in Palestine. View the ad...Sign onto the ad.

  • Join the Campaign to Get the City of Berkeley to divest from Israel. Details.

  • Get Involved!    Details


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