QUIT! Launches Estee Slaughter Killer Products With Giveaway at Macy’s

2003 -04

The queer group who first settled Starbucks launched a new marketing campaign today, introducing shoppers at Macy’s Union Square in San Francisco to its new line of killer products from Estee Slaughter.

About 20 activists from Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism descended on the downtown store today with samples of Village Vanishing Cream, BloodyHand Cream, Atrocity Cover Up, Defoliant, WhiteRight Ethnic Cleanser and Kill Me Pink Lip Bomb. They gave away 500 samples of the new scent Eau de Occupation to appreciative passersby. 

The promotional leaflet available to download explains that Ronald Lauder, chairman of Estee Lauder International, serves as president of the Jewish National Fund, which was formed in 1901 to establish Jewish settlements by purchasing land from absentee landlords. After the state of Israel was formed, the JNF was made responsible for developing lands expropriated by the government, including 531 villages that were destroyed by a campaign of ethnic cleansing by Jewish terrorists working with the newly formed Israeli Forces. 

The JNF holds half the seats on the Israel Lands Council, that sets policy for the 93% of Israel’s land that is in the public domain.

Palestinians, who are 20% of the Israeli population, are generally denied use of this land. The JNF has played a leading role in developing settlements in the occupied territories, and is currently conducting projects that are displacing Bedouin Arabs in the Negev in Israel. 

Several QUIT! members entered the Macy’s cosmetics department, attempting to peddle their wares in Estee Lauder’s shop. Though many of the underworked salespeople on the floor were amused and even appreciative of the spoof, a highly efficient team of well groomed and modulated security women quickly
ushered them out. 

On the sidewalk in front of the store, however, customers were quite engaged by the artfully placed presentation boards explaining the products and their uses. Jack and Jen teamed up to demonstrate how Atrocity Cover Up works to hide that unsightly evidence of soldiers shooting children or torturing women. (See photos.) 

The Bloody Hand Cream, unfortunately, is out of stock. Deeg, a spokesperson for the group, explains that the entire stock was immediately snatched up by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who calls it the greatest invention since rubber coated steel bullets. The prime minister says the product has helped stem the growing tide of soldiers refusing to serve in the occupation forces. Golda Meir, famed for the statement, “There are no Palestinians. There never have been any”, phoned in her endorsement of the product WhiteRight Ethnic Cleanser, despite having been dead for years.

Police called to the scene were just relieved when they figured out the group
was not part of the animal liberation movement (though for the record, most of them support it). Officer Ng explained to Kate and Deeg that “If you were concerned about the chemicals being used, you might throw blood or bring bloody carcasses to illustrate your point.” 

Those wanting to do their own Estee Slaughter actions can download at “downloads/downloadlist.html” t the entire set of product labels, posters, flier, and name tags.

More information on the boycott of Estee Lauder and other supporters of Israeli occupation can be found at www.boycottisrael.’

Unbeatable offer! Start your own Estee Slaughter franchise with no startup fees!!! See photos from the delightful day of filming at the 2004 Folsom

Downloadable materials from QUIT!’s Este Slaughter campaigns.

Fast, safe and effective
The choice of soldiers AND heads of states
Keep your image fresh
Leaves no residue
Purify your hands & lands

Estee Slaughter for Men!

The Estee Slaughter campaign got a fantastic response after its premiere at Macy’s in June 2003. Many of the cards and letters were from people asking when we would have a line of products for men. In response to this massive outpouring, we have created the new Estee Slaughter for Men line.

This line of products premiered in the Castro (Harvey Milk Plaza) on Saturday, November 29, 2003.

A familiar stench in a new package
Condom - Nothing gets through it

Estee Slaughter Video

New! QUIT! is proud to release our first video, QUIT Goes to the Fair.  Featuring Lisa as Lady Macbeth, Josie the Spokesmodel and lots of other cameos.  A highly entertaining 8 minute piece about this creative street theater campaign.