Join Google Workers to Protest & Demand an End to Contract with Israeli Military

For over two years, Amazon and Google workers have been organizing to end the “Project Nimbus” contract, a $1 billion contract between Google, Amazon, and the Israeli military, produced in the wake of Israel’s brutal siege on Gaza in 2021. 

On August 29th, Google will be holding Google Cloud Next conference in San Francisco, bringing thousands of “cloud enthusiasts” to the Moscone Center to celebrate Google Cloud’s first year of profitability. 

Join AROC on Tuesday, August 29th as part of the No Tech for Apartheid Coalition, where we will join Google workers to protest Project Nimbus, which provides services that help the Israeli government target Palestinians through surveillance, state violence and apartheid. Our message is clear, we support workers demanding that their labor not be used to power Israeli apartheid and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, and we stand with Palestinian people in their fight for freedom. 

Can we count on you to show up on the 29th? Be a part of a long-term campaign to engage workers and community to end this nefarious contract, and more broadly to demonstrate that the Bay Area opposes militarization and repression!

QUIT! supports rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual and intersex people (LGBTQI), and opposes all anti-queer measures, everywhere. QUIT! has a long history of supporting international and local queer rights. But our struggle is for liberation, not equality, in this or any oppressive society. We don’t seek to be soldiers of imperialism, not in the US and not in Israel. We see all fights for liberation as our fight, and we see our fight as queers as part of all liberation struggles. We do not want to assimilate in this oppressive and unequal society, we want to radically transform it.

Our mission was, and is, to build support in the Bay Area queer communities for Palestinian liberation, to make queers and queer liberation visible and integral to the local Palestine solidarity movement, to support queer organizing in Palestine and around the Arab world, and to oppose United States colonialism, military intervention, and funding and support for Israeli colonialism. One Palestinian member articulated our primary goal this way: “When the history of Palestinian liberation is written, I want at least a footnote  to say that queers were part of the struggle.”

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